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Appointment Negotiations

Shortly before THE career goal of a scientist is reached, things really heat up once more. The professorship is knocking at your door, negotiations with the university are underway: What salary negotiation options are there in addition to the fixed pay scale? How can I negotiate my salary in the best possible way? What equipment am I entitled to? What arguments help in the negotiation and what strategies are there? What should I definitely not do when negotiating my salary and equipment? These are the questions that occupy one's mind during this phase of the appointment. In this workshop, we will work together to answer them in the best possible and most profitable way for all sides.

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In this workshop, participants will learn about:

  • the steps of an appointment procedure

  • what to focus on in your written application 

  • how to best prepare for interviews with the university
    (information is key)


  • self-presentation in appointment negotiations with practical exercise (elevator pitch)

  • overview: what is negotiated (tangibles vs. non-tangibles)

  • negotiating according to the Harvard Concept and Chris Voss with practical exercises

  • optional  gender focus:
    special challenges for women in appointment processes


Photo: Wix


In principle, all my workshop formats use interactive, experience-based learning. I employ  the following methods:

  • mindmapping

  • theoretical input 

  • exercises in small groups

  • exercises in plenum 

  • peer-to-peer feedback 

  • discussion in plenum

Scientists at different stages of their career, who are interested in a professorship or are already close to their goal (doctoral candidates in their final year, postdocs, group leaders,
junior professors).

This workshop can be held in mixed groups or addressed to women specifically with a focus on the challenges imposed on them.

Target Group

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