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Transforming Unconscious Bias

Our life is marked by prejudices and unconscious biases that influence our thoughts and actions. In this workshop, we will embark on a journey to become aware of these unconscious biases and develop strategies for better handling them in our daily lives. We will create space for open discussions and respectful exchanges to collaboratively devise solutions and have a positive impact on our personal relationships and society as a whole. This workshop provides an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the topic of bias and to take concrete steps towards change.

  • gain a deeper understanding of unconscious biases

  • learn about theoretical foundations on the topic

  • become aware of their own biases

  • critically reflect on their own biases

  • be provided with tools to actively work on their personal development

  • be empowered to handle their biases more consciously in everyday life and make positive changes in their thinking and behavior

Image by Hans-Peter Gauster

Photo: Markus Spiske | Unsplash

In this workshop, participants will:

Image by Steven Lelham

Photo: Nick Fewings | Unsplash

  • mindmapping

  • theoretical input 

  • individual exercises
    exercises in small groups

  • erxercises in plenum  

  • discussion in plenum

scientific and non-scientific staff at all career stages

Optionally, this workshop can be offered exclusively for women.


Target Group

In principle, all my workshop formats use interactive, experience-based learning. I employ the following methods:


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