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One-on-One Coachings

With my scientific and professional competence, I am happy to accompany you as a coach on gender-specific and gender-sensitive topics. In a professional goal- and process-oriented consulting process, I ask the right questions to put you on the best possible path or to confirm you in your already chosen path.



Possible topics of our coaching can be:


  • conciliating motherhood with working in science

  • orientation as a woman in a male-dominated professional domain

  • development of strategies in conflictual situations or professional relationships

  • visibility in your field of research

  • professional development

  • Resilience

  • Self-worth: recognizing one's own strengths and achievements

  • preparation for (appointment) negotiations

  • sharpening one's own research profile

Coaching sessions can take place online via Zoom or in presence (in Berlin).

FYI: Often there are funding opportunities for coaching in research networks (e.g. SFBs, MGKs) or from the budgets of equal opportunities offices at research institutions. Just ask the responsible staff members at your institution about it!


Contact Me for a getting to know each other better and discussion of further details.  


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