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Grant Writing

Stepping into the postdoc level of your career comes with a new set of responsibilities. Among them, funding is one of the career-defining ones. According to reviewers and funding agencies, many research projects do not receive funding because the project was not communicated clearly enough. Excellent research does not mean that the grant application will automatically be approved. Actually, the principle of a well-structured grant is global.

Image by Trent Erwin

Photo: Trent Erwin | Unsplash

Therefore, in this workshop, you will learn:

  • how to find your research-niche

  • basics of written and visual scientific communication re-visited and adjusted to fit the grant writing process

  • the general structure of a research grant

  • how to phrase and test a hypothesis

  • budgeting

  • meaningful "insider" tips from a funding agency

  • how to get in touch with the research agencies and get meaningful information and help 
    from them


  • how to get and stay informed about funding opportunities in germany and europe

Image by Amador Loureiro

Photo: Amador Loureiro | Unsplash

  • mindmapping

  • theoretical input 

  • individual exercises

  • offline exercise 

  • peer-to-peer feedback 

  • discussion in plenum

Scientists at different stages of their career who want to start writing grants or want to further improve their already present grant writing skills (doctoral candidates in their final year, postdocs).

This workshop can be adapted in depth, depending on the prior knowledge and experience of the participants.

Target Group

In principle, all my workshop formats use interactive, experience-based learning. I employ the following methods:


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