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Leadership in Science

Leadership in the context of science can pose special challenges for the person in charge, since the expert organization "research" has some special features compared to the free economy. The employees' need for autonomy, i.e. the desire for "freedom in research and teaching", leads to the fact that the persons to be supervised experience other motivators, as e.g. in the economic context.

This workshop will provide you with important tools for staff management and motivation.

Image by Markus Spiske

Photo: Markus Spiske | Unsplash

In this workshop, participants will deepen their knowledge on:

  • appreciative communication with employees

  • leadership in the context of student supervision

  • leadership in a sandwich position

  • specifics of leadership in the context of science

  • How do I support the career of my doctoral students?
    .... And why should I do that at all?

  • effective delegation of tasks

  • optional: gender-specific challenges of leadership and tools to effectively address these them

Photo: Nick Fewings | Unsplash

  • mindmapping

  • theoretical input 

  • individual exercises
    exercises in small groups

  • erxercises in plenum 

  • peer-to-peer feedback 

  • discussion in plenum

PhD candidates in their last year, Postdocs, 

group leaders (m, f, d)

Optionally, this workshop can be offered exclusively for women.


Target Group

In principle, all my workshop formats use interactive, experience-based learning. I employ the following methods:


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