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Self Presentation for Women

Large parts of the research landscape in Germany and other countries are still dominated by men in top positions. This goes hand in hand with a rather masculine communication culture, which some women / people read as females can't always cope with.  

As a woman, do I always have to adapt to a male context, or will a middle ground do as well? How do I successfully present myself as a woman in my professional environment in a way that makes me visible? These and other questions will be discussed in this interactive workshop.

Öffentliche Rednerin

Photo: Wix

In this workshop, participants will learn about:

  • awareness exercises for power and dominance gestures

  • communicative high and low status

  • self-presentation with practical exercise (elevator pitch)

  • how to leave a lasting impression:

    • performative speaking 

    • presence

    • professional demeanor

  • self-marketing:

    • developing a unique selling point 

    • presenting your successes

Senior Female Teacher

Photo: Wix

  • mindmapping

  • theoretical input 

  • exercises in small groups

  • exercises in plenum 

  • peer-to-peer feedback 

  • discussion in plenum

Female scientists at various interfaces in their careers

(Doctoral candidates, postdocs, group leaders, junior professors)

Target Group

In principle, all my workshop formats use interactive, experience-based learning. I employ the following methods:


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